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This is a response to one of the questions in the readers' feedback concerning where to be taught to do the sort of work I do. I am going to simply define the trail I took. You could possibly call secure and vault work a locksmith specialty, although many safe and vault firms and their staff don't do any locksmith work per se . I began as a normal commercial locksmith, which is a common path to turning into a secure and vault specialist. After a few entry-stage jobs I went to a (now-defunct) school devoted to the locksmith trade. It was The brand new York School of Locksmithing, and it was in Hempstead, on Lengthy Island. One apprentice job and one geographic transfer after the school I used to be fortunate sufficient to get hired by a locksmith who specialised in safes. Protected techs most frequently learn their work by doing. If they're fortunate it's beneath the tutelage of a number of experienced competent technicians. The man who first taught me was very educated.