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How To help, Not Hinder, the Safe Technician Space . Last Frontier If I might open your protected without doing anything greater than the improbable things a tv or movie safecracker does, I might. I normally can't although. Which means I must get in entrance of the protected and do some work. And i often want some room, not just for my bodily presence, but most likely for whatever instruments I carry along. Not stunning, is it? So why is the protected buried in in the garage or blockaded beneath a stairwell, or obscured from access in any of the hundreds of how I've seen after i get there to work? I'm the secure opener, not the furnishings mover. And why do house owners act startled after i inform them I need room? As long as they're easily movable. But having to do a ten, twenty, or thirty minute-plus makeover in your storage or basement (or ready when you do it) simply ain't kosher, people.